Here are eight links to what guys and gals with keyboards are saying about World Series Game Four.

• Is it fatigue? Or did Sanchez just have an off night. I'll leave that up to the training/coach staff to figure out, but I think Sanchez becomes an easy target for this type of stuff because of his body-type. I get the feeling if a Game 7 needs to be played, the Giants might go with someone else. [Bay City Ball]


• All of a sudden the Giants offense looks like we thought it would and the Rangers are back in the series with the always pivotal game four coming up. [Home on the Rangers]

• Shake it off. Just like the Ankiel game and the second game of the NLCS, this is a loss that feels worse than it might have otherwise felt because of a sense of momentum that doesn't exist. If momentum were a real thing in baseball, we'd be watching the Braves and the Yankees right now, rooting for March. [McCovey Chronicles]

• If Moreland's at-bat was the greatest by a Ranger this year – and of course, a case can arguably be made that it was therefore the greatest in franchise history – Lewis may be the greatest off-season acquisition, all things considered, that any team in baseball made this past winter. [The Newberg Report]


• If either Burrell or Sandoval start and the Giants don't put together a multiple-base-hit inning or five, Bochy's going to get legitimately questioned for the first time in what seems like forever. [Bay Area Sports Guy]

• Even after Moreland put up great numbers - .324/.400/.536 - at Class A Clinton during his first full pro season in 2008, Rangers general manager Jon Daniels seemed to think Moreland's future might be on the mound. [Big League Stew]

• The Giants need to win to keep Lady Momentum in their corner. Young Madison Bumgarner is ready to write the nest chapter in his young career. The rookie will need to show the same poise he has shown all season. [The Blog That Barry Built]

• Hell yeah. [Baseball Time in Arlington]