Almost always liked Donovan McNabb while an Eagle despite realizing, early on, that he was the king of pouty, passive-aggressive, veiled digs at people - disguised as saying "the right thing" - when he didn't get his way.

Mike Shanahan's about to learn this.

Donovan McNabb was benched for Rex Grossman with the Redskins down one touchdown and two minutes remaining in Sunday's game against the Lions.
McNabb had taken six sacks, but he didn't appear to be injured. Coach Mike Shanahan just decided to go with Grossman after seeing too many three-and-outs. McNabb was agitated with the decision, as he watched Grossman get sandwiched and lose a fumble that was returned for a touchdown on his first dropback. McNabb finished 17-of-30 for 210 yards, one touchdown, and one interception before being pulled. The Redskins have a bye next week to work out the kinks. [NBC Sports]

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