There isn't much to say about Madison Bumgarner's performance last night that wasn't captured in the three strikeout pitches that briefly turned Vladimir Guerrero into Rob Deer. Watch.

The popular line about the Giants is that they're a bunch of castoffs and misfits, even if that just as aptly describes the Rangers (a team whose Game 3 starter, Colby Lewis, was acquired from a Tom Selleck movie). Among other things, though, last night was a vivid demonstration of just why the Giants are winning, and it has nothing to do with pluck or a loose clubhouse or the oil slick on Brian Wilson's chin. The Giants are winning because they have such an abundance of great pitching that a guy like Madison Bumgarner — who was reborn as a prospect after finding his velocity in Fresno (he isn't the first fellow to score some speed in the Central Valley) and who has pitched roughly like Warren Spahn since September — is their fourth starter. Lincecum, Cain, Sanchez, and Bumgarner. That's an incredible collection of homegrown pitching, even if none of them have lush beards for anyone to fear.

SF Giants' rookie turns in a gem for the ages [San Francisco Chronicle]