In an interview with Karl Ravech following Game 5, Giants ace Tim Lincecum said he hoped "a lot of beer [was] flowing and [a lot of] smoke [was] in the air." San Francisco did not disappoint Timmy.

While a portion of the "smoke in the air" Lincecum hoped for occurred at a bonfire that turned into a riot, the San Francisco celebrations were like many other celebrations: loud, joyous, and booze-soaked.

Here's footage of the game's last out from The Brick Yard:

Here's the scene at Thieves' Tavern:

Think how loud that must be for the audio on that Android to get so washed out.


Over at 16th and Valencia, the people took to the streets and high-fived the neighborhood firemen:

Even in college dormitories in upstate New York, the championship spirit was out in full force, albeit awkwardly:

And here are some guys shouting:

The crowd over at The Sleeping Lady in Fairfax, was about as polite—but fun loving—as you would expect from a bar and restaurant. Bonus points for the jumping-around, freaking-out kids:

Speaking of little kids losing their shit in the good way:

The crowd at Eastside West (on Filmore St.!) was pretty ecstatic:

Here's a news clip that's been Back-And-To-The-Lefted to reveal a Giants fan jumping around and holding a bag of weed:

And here are some more people partying in the streets:

Congratulations again, San Fran. Brian Wilson wanted to rage last night, and it looks like you did too. Keep sending in your celebratory pictures and videos, Giants fans.