So, yeah, the towering weirdos and self-styled public slapdicks are big winners yet again, and this being America, we cannot let such a momentous occasion pass without being loudly stupid about it.

Just consider all of the media's horribly misdirected analysis both in the run-up and aftermath: the overcoverage of eccentrics and crackpots[1]; the emphasis on tactics[2] and messaging[3] and similarly worthless trivia[4]; the widely bruited myth that leadership and character[5] had anything to do with anything at all, and that momentum[6] and various other chimera[7] carried the day; a widespread refusal to look closely at historical precedent and structural causes[8] in favor of spurious pattern identification and loose talk about "narrative"[9]; the idea that this was a permanent rebuke to progressive thought in favor of what, at bottom, is an incompetent and retrograde philosophy[10] that, not incidentally, led to some of the most staggering mistakes of the last decade[11]; and the notion, above all, that these events represent the ominous rumblings of a seismic realignment across the land[12] instead of a simple case of shit happening, as shit so often does this time of year. The Giants won the World Series. Shit happens, America.


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