We've checked our calendar and apparently it's not April 1st for a while yet. Still, that hasn't stopped Chinese newspaper Yangtze Evening Post running a story on a new scouting method for young Chinese football stars — genital assessment.

A coach from Chinese Third Division side Tianjin Locomotive claims to have developed a method of unearthing a player's potential ability which involves studying the size and shape of their willy.

Says the anonymous coach:

Genital examination is necessary. Looking at a boy's penis size and shape can give you an idea of his hormone level. Boys with short, thick genitals and tight scrotum are good for football playing.


The coach says his methods are related to a condition called "congenital testicular dysplasia" which imbalances hormone levels and makes playing professional sports difficult.

We'll leave it there, I think.

[Sporting Intelligence < Unprofessional Foul < The Offside, original report here]


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