The Spectrum in Philadelphia is going to be demolished later this month, so there was a $25 take-all-you-can-carry event down there today.

[F]olding chairs, bar stools, used TVs, office furniture, leather couches, computer equipment, coffee and bar tables, lamps, and other collectibles will be arrayed on the arena's floor. ... Ike Richman, a spokesman for Spectrum owner Comcast-Spectacor, said, "We're selling everything we can because the Spectrum meant so much to so many people."

The estimated 2,000 folding chairs, once used as concert seating on the floor, are expected to be the hottest items. [S]aid Richman. "There's a limit on those. You can only take up to four."

On Monday, the arena, with a capacity of 17,000-plus, will be surrounded with protective fencing in preparation for demolition. []

Shit sounded potentially animalistic, so I stayed away. (Crossing Broad didn't, though. Here's a link to pics and video.) But shit got me thinking about favorite memories of Arenas Past.


With the Vet, it was a Giants fan fetal-curling in a piss puddle after taking blows to head on the 700 level down-ramp.

With JFK Stadium, it's Jerome Brown walking the steps when the rest of Buddy Ryan's Eagles were training-camping on the field. Oh, and this leathered-up Live Aid moment.

But with the soon-to-disappear Spectrum, it's the first concert ever (INXS with Ziggy Marley opening) and the first time I got threatened by a professional athlete. Islanders goalie Billy Smith didn't much like a 10ish-year-old Hickey telling him to fuck off or something like that as he left the pre-game skate. So he started making his way back toward the stands but, realizing he probably couldn't jump the 10- or 12-feet necessary to beat a mouthy kid up, he flipped the bird and went back to the locker room.

I still think Billy Smith should fuck off.

I still think INXS isn't that embarrassing of a first show.

And I still invite you to share any memories from demolished sports arenas in other towns. Be forewarned: I reserve the right to find and cut anybody who brings Ronde Barber up.