We asked for photos of America's uncomfortably posed youth athletes, and you delivered. Please enjoy.

Courtesy A.J.:

The Lopez twins when they were 9 years old. I'm not in this picture, but a buddy of mine is. I can't tell which Lopez twin is Brook or Robin though. And what's with the kid in the Diamondbacks cap?

Courtesy Raymond

Courtesy Bill M.:

Our lacrosse team way back in the day..

Courtesy Bradford:

This photo was embarrassing many years ago, now I'm able to laugh my ass off. Besides the adolescent 8th grade body, the back of the card is PRICELESS. I had a buddy that came across this card about 10 years ago and he's good for forwarding it at least 2-3 times a year!

A few years back when I worked for an NBA team, I really got razzed for the back of that card....ANFREE!!!!!!!!

Courtesy Brian J.

Courtesy Craig:

Let's see. You know that today is team photo day because you are the coach. Yet, you wear a New York Giants football jersey. Good planning, you asshat.

Courtesy Ben:

full disclosure: this isnt me. it's one of my good friends from my frat here at Dartmouth. he is the dude on the left.

Courtesy a reader:

They made it a point to include the kicker (#4 – top left). His dad must be so proud.

Courtesy a reader:

Salesianum School football team
Wilmington, DE
the idiot on the bottom right hand side is Evan Mulrooney. He is
committed to play for the Maryland Terps in 2011 as a center.

Courtesy Ian W.:

It's pretty tough to top a kid wearing a turtleneck while everyone else is in full uniform...

Courtesy Jamison:

Can you find Joe Mauer in this photo?

Courtesy John A.:

How's this? Circa 1973.

Courtesy Nickas:

Here's the pic from my 14-15 Babe Ruth league baseball team. We
actually managed to win the league that year even though two of our
guys weren't even in the picture because they were in Juvenile
Detention at the time. Also gotta love the stretch-stirrups era!

/Uni watch'd

Courtesy Nick S.

Courtesy Robert L.

Courtesy Robert L.

Courtesy Thomas N.:

Not so much awkward as embarrassing... That's me, number 84 on the far right with my fly wide open...

Courtesy William S.

Courtesy Tom M.:

I am sure you can have some fun with this photo for your Awkward Team Photos bit. I have no idea who it is, or where it came from. It got passed to me a few years ago from a buddy. Whenever I need a good laugh, I look at it, and surprisingly, I find something new about it every time.