The Jacksonville Jaguars can build a two-game division lead with two games to go should the beat the Indianapolis Colts. Considering they've already beaten the Colts this year, this is a clinch-worthy deal. []

The New Orleans Saints travel to Baltimore early today, as well. Not quite as big a deal, since the Saints will still be well-positioned for the playoffs even if they lose. (Best I can tell, it'd take a Packers and/or Bucs run to knock them out). Same goes for Baltimore, except their playoff position's a little dicier. [Baltimore Sun]

And then, there's the Eagles/Giants game, the outcome of which could alter Hellmouth's opening [Philadelphia Daily News/New York Daily News].

There are a few other games, but none of them as awesome as watching to see whether Donovan McNabb puts on "supportive teammate face" or just pouts like a guy should after somebody and his wee son done him wrong.

"Ha, ha. Rex Grossman is gonna start? Did you see his one play!? He was the baloney in a sandwich, and..." At this point, [D.C. Mayor-Elect Vince] Gray stumbled over his words trying to describe the folly involved when McNabb was benched during the last minutes of a game against Detroit, and Grossman fumbled the game away in his first play. "You got me going, guys-the Redskins still had a chance to win that game!" [Washington City Paper]