To hear tipster "The Michael Vick Project" tell it, these here photos are of Jonathan Goff of the New York Giants breaking team rules at McSwiggans Pub in Hoboken, NJ.

TMVP apologizes for the quality of the photos, but vouches for their veracity.

He was out past curfew and wasn't letting anyone take photos of him b/c "I'm out past curfew and if these get on facebook or twitter I'm fucked." So Naturally I send these to deadspin first thing in the morning.


I tried to sneak a few and he came over and got in my face to delete the photos. Fortunately, he has a one-track mind and my hot friend started talking to him and he immediately forgot about the photos. And yes, that's his shirt drenched in sweat.

No pics of the friend?

And NO ONE knew who he was at the bar and he was pretty heated the bartenders weren't giving him special treatment.


Verdict? Kind of looks like him but really hard to tell. On the eve of an Eagles game, it's Coach Coughlin's call.

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