Hopefully, there's some major embellishment going on in this Craig's List apology letter from a Chicago fan or else it appears one Cheesehead got the "Chinatown" treatment yesterday.

What happened at Soldier Field to the Packer fans was BS. To have a nose sliced or be pushed down stairs just because someone wore Packer colors is awful. I'm a Chicagoan and I'm ashamed at the way my "fellow" Chicagoans acted. I was born in Chicago and wasn't brought up that way. I'm deeply sorry and apologise to the fans of the better team Sunday. I hope the Green Bay Packers go all the way in the Super Bowl.

So ‚ÄĒ yes? No? Anyone else at the game yesterday witness or hear about this incident? Let us know. Subject: "Nose Slicing".

UPDATE: Yes, there were sliced noses and Pack fans getting pushed down the stairs.

(PHOTO: Chicago Tribune)