One of the best ads on last night's broadcast was for the NFL itself, in which they digitally inserted jerseys and logos into TV clips of yore. But the cuts were too quick to fully appreciate. Here's an annotated guide to the fake people inside your television, and their allegiances.

Richie Cunningham and The Fonz, Happy Days: Green Bay Packers. Show takes place in Milwaukee. Logical.

The ladies of Beverly Hills, 90210: Los Angeles Raiders. Yes, children, Los Angeles had a football team once.

Seinfeld, Jerry's a Giants fan, Kramer's a Bills fan. Later, Newman is revealed to be a Cowboys fan. No wonder he and Jerry hate each other.

Dunder Mifflin employees, The Office: Pittsburgh Steelers. Looks like someone doesn't know where Scranton is located in the state of Pennsylvania.

The family, The Sopranos: New York Jets. Sounds about right.

Norm, Cheers: New England Patriots. A Welker jersey, to be specific.

The Brady Bunch: San Diego Chargers. The Bradys were somewhere in Southern California, so the Bolts are as good as any.

Rose and Blanche, The Golden Girls: Miami Dolphins. Silly commercial, retirees don't adopt the local teams. That's why the Marlins can't draw.

Uncles Jesse and Joey, Full House: San Francisco 49ers. Leather helmet/protective headgear for Joey.

Bo, Luke, the General Lee, The Dukes Of Hazzard: Atlanta Falcons. Hazzard County was in Georgia.

Family Guy: New England Patriots. Except for Cleveland Brown, who reps the Cleveland Browns.

Some sheep-looking things, Sesame Street: St. Louis Rams. Ohh, sheep, Rams, I get it.

Carl Winslow, Steve Urkel, Family Matters. Stefan Urquelle probably prefers soccer.

ALF: Carolina Panthers. Initially the most random allegiance, until you remember ALF had a thing for delicious, delicious cats.

How I Met Your Mother: various teams. Marshall grew up in Minnesota, hence the Vikings. Lily in Brooklyn, so she's a Jets fan. Barney's just a frontrunner, I suppose.

Phoebe and Monica, Friends: New York Jets. Rich Kotite-era Jets.

Glee: Cincinnati Bengals and Indianapolis Colts. The show is set in Lima, Ohio, which is equidistant from Cincy and Indy.

Sofia Vergara's boobs, Modern Family: Washington Redskins. No clue. Someone had to rep the Skins, I suppose.


UPDATE: Eric Segal, one of the creative directors at Grey, which produced the commercial, provides the answer: the District of 'Colombia.'

The Simpsons: various teams. So much goodness here, from the bullies wearing Oakland's black and silver, to Moe wearing a Michael Vick jersey. And perhaps the most appropriate of the 108 characters in the entire commercial, Ralph Wiggum is a Seahawks fan.

Stan, Kyle, Butters, Cartman, South Park: Denver Broncos. Of course.