We Have The Awful Pilot For Colin Cowherd's Awful TV Show

"NICK HERD (fortyish, confident, good looking and well-dressed, though he'd never admit he tries)," the script begins. Then it gets so much worse. READ »
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Coming soon: Another script for another sitcom about another ESPN personality

A Conversation With The Two Lucky Bastards Who Got Locked In At Camden Yards

It happened, and they have the grilled-cheese photo to prove it. All your questions about Great Camden Lock-In, answered. READ »
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Deadspin Does The Dog Show, Day 2

A dispatch from our embedded correspondent at the Westminster dog show, featuring lots of photos of dogs with toys in their mouths. READ »

An Inside Look At The White House Pooper!

A White House insider reveals the many splendors of the First Toilet. It's your weekly Funbag. READ »


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