Drunken Hookup Failure: Adventures in Pant Stuffing

In which Dave Matthews and the cops conspire to cockblock a poor college freshman. That harrowing tale and much more. READ »

Here's A (Nearly) Exhaustive Video Compilation Of Blake Griffin Dunks

Blake Griffin might be the best Clippers rookie since Michael Olowokandi. Here's why. READ »

NC State Forward's Wonderful Poem About Friends With Benefits

C.J. Bysshe Leslie is yet another college freshman, but he's having a bit more luck with the ladies. READ »

Did Patrick Kane Have A Two-Day Hangover?

Patrick Kane in a bar with women. I know, contain your surprise. READ »

HIV-Positive Tommy Morrison Says HIV Doesn't Exist So He Has Unprotected Sex "Every Day"

Oddly enough, Morrison's disease denial is not the craziest thing in this tale — he also believes he can teleport. READ »

In Which We Learn Jay Mariotti Is Still A Jackass

Jay Mariotti appeared on Jason Whitlock's podcast, and explains that he's developed real empathy for victims. But not all of them. READ »

The Loneliness Of The American College Transfer Student

Sometimes college isn't all it's cracked up to be. Sometimes you can't make friends, and you cry on the phone with your mother, and your roommate's girlfriend walks in on you while you're masturbating to The Price is Right. READ »


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