We Have The Awful Pilot For Colin Cowherd's Awful TV Show | A tipster sent along the script for the first episode of Colin Cowherd's "relationship" sitcom, which is being developed for CBS and which is roughly The Honeymooners meets Frasier meets the really insightful parts of Bedtime for Bonzo. Here are some highlights. (Tommy Craggs)

A (Nearly) Exhaustive Video Compilation Of Blake Griffin Dunks | Blake Griffin has done some variation of stuffing a ball through a hoop about 140 times in 56 games this season. We've compiled every single one we could find, in preparation for Saturday's dunk contest. (Kate Shapiro)

Did Patrick Kane Have A Two-Day Hangover? | Patrick Kane missed Blackhawks practice Monday and Tuesday with "flulike symptoms." The team wouldn't elaborate, but flulike symptoms might consist of nausea, vomiting, chills, aches, weakness, diarrhea. What else could cause those? Maybe, just maybe, closing down a Chicago bar Sunday night. (Barry Petchesky)

The Story Of Two Guys Who Got Locked In At Camden Yards And Lived Out Every Fan's Dream | A few years ago, two men went to an Orioles game at Camden Yards. The game was postponed after a rain delay, and somehow, through hours of drink and delirium, our two heroes were locked in the gorgeous stadium by themselves during a torrential downpour. Their true story is incredible and inspirational, and the fantasy of just about every American man. (Deadspin I-Team)

NC State's C.J. Leslie's Valentine's Day Poem About Hooking Up Is Awfully Romantic | Don't ask how, but we got our hands on one of NCSU freshman star forward C.J. Leslie's class assignments. It's spectacular. It must be shared with the world. (Barry Petchesky)

In Which We Learn Jay Mariotti Is Still A Jackass | The Jay Mariotti redemption tour began this week, with two long conversations on Jason Whitlock's new podcast show with Fox Sports Radio. First we learned that he regrets things he's done, then we learned that even with that regret, he is very much still a jackass, and then we learned that Mario Soto once threw his urine on him. It just keeps getting better. (Emma Carmichael)

Here's A Pretty Good Picture Of Super Bowl MVP Aaron Rodgers In Vegas | Green Bay quarterback and Super Bowl MVP Aaron Rodgers took it easy, to say the least, at Moon nightclub at the Palms in Las Vegas on Saturday. (Brian Hickey)

How That UConn QB's Trick Shot Video Was Made | UConn QB Johnny McEntee joined WEEI in Boston on Dennis & Callahan to discuss how exactly he made his trick shot video, and why that feat doesn't automatically make him the Huskies starter. (Barry Petchesky)

The Loneliness Of The American College Transfer Student | I remember being on the floor of my room in South Quad, bawling my eyes out on the phone. I couldn't stop crying. Real, hard crying. The kind where your jaw unhinges and long, cathartic wails just come pouring right out of you. My mom was on the other end of the line, and for a very long time, she didn't say anything. (Drew Magary)

Picking Up Scraps At The Westminster Dog Show | For the fifth(!) year in a row, I'm honored to serve as an embedded photojournalist on the front lines of the dog show circuit. Here are my dispatches from days one and two at Madison Square Garden's favorite dog show. (Barry Petchesky)


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