Your morning roundup for March 4, the day Northwestern students remain engaged in the idea of human sexuality.

• When LeBron James threw a pass off of teammate Chris Bosh's face last night, the Miami Heat were still up 19 points. At one point, the lead was 24. They lost to the Orlando Magic by three, though. Bosh was very upset after the game. [Miami Herald] (Video H/T Cosby Sweaters)


• NFL players and owners extended their lockout negotiations; there are 15 hours left. [NFL/NFLPA].

• In other NFL news, the deal offered to relocated Super Bowl fans seems to have been unsweetened [Fox Sports Southwest], JaMarcus Russell is apparently facing foreclosure on his Oakland mansion [Curbed SF], and A.J. Hawk is back in the loving embrace of the Packers [Green Bay Press Gazette].

• Players on the Middle Tennessee Blue Raiders women's basketball team have decided to play on in the Sun Belt Conference Tournament. It's what Tina Stewart, their teammate who was stabbed to death Wednesday, allegedly by her roommate, would have wanted. [The Tennessean]

• In keeping with the recent oddities-of-driving theme, an Ohio man who resembles a ginger Wolverine decided to just drink a beer during a DUI stop [Fox8], and a bald eagle that collided with a truck at 60 mph in Idaho is a total winner [JH Underground]. (H/T Jim Stanford)


• Real Madrid's Cristiano Ronaldo will miss the next two weeks of play, having damaged his hamstring while scoring a hat trick in yesterday's 7-0 win over Malaga. [Telegraph]

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