Your morning roundup for March 14, the day Rebecca Black beat out Unblinking Cricket Fan for Next Big Internet Meme.

• The New York Times' fashion magazine, T, profiled Tim Lincecum and included a photo shoot to make him look as joyfully skeezy as he could possibly manage to look. I don't know why, either.

• For the first time since Nov. 19, Kevin Love did not record a double-double. He scored 6 points and had 12 boards in a 100-77 loss to Golden State on Sunday. What a day for defense! Kurt Rambis praised David Lee's defensive play on Love, and in Boston the Celtics set a franchise record for fewest points allowed in the shot-clock era with an 87-56 win over the Bucks. It's hard to get excited about these feats, though, because the sad truth of the NBA is that really good defense often make for really boring games with 30-point differentials.

Another scary death in high school hoops: Robert Garza, a 16-year-old from McAllen, Tex., collapsed on the basketball court and died during an AAU game over the weekend. The cause of death is unknown.

• Dwyane Wade won his custody battle and now has sole custody over his two sons. Here's a joke about how this is the only winning Wade has done lately! Let's move on.


• The biggest surprise of March Madness thus far: Jimmer Fredette's jersey will set you back $55. That's against my honor code.

• Everyone is acting overcompensatingly optimistic that there will be an NFL season in 2011. So there's still a chance that Brady v. NFL will eventually come to mean "everyone took a vote, and we really think you should cut off your greasy ponytail, Tom."

All-Time Dickhead Kevin O'Neill was reinstated at USC after acting like a dickhead.

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