They Ruined The Goddamn Bracket | I was ready for the 68-team field to fuck with the process of filling out a bracket for your NCAA office pool. But I didn't quite realize the extent of it until yesterday, when they unveiled just how this retarded new format will work. (Drew Magary)

A Roundup Of Alternative NCAA Brackets For The Obsessed And The Clueless | A sampling of some of the best alternative brackets — cats vs. dogs, anyone? — and bracket-building tools from around the interwebs. (Emma Carmichael)

The Faces Of Harvard-Princeton | A thrilling dispatch from the pounding heart of Saturday's wildly exciting Harvard-Princeton game. (Jack Dickey)

Bob Knight Double-Booked His Afternoon Siesta With Mike Francesa's Show Today | Or: the cranky toddler takes his nap. (Emma Carmichael)

Washington Wins Pac-10 With Buzzer-Beater, Gus Johnson Loses His Shit | That's the Huskies' Isaiah Thomas with the jumper to nip top-seeded Arizona in overtime, and take the Pac-10. Gus Johnson melting down? Must be March! Now's the time we remind you that CBS refuses to put Gus on the Final Four. (Barry Petchesky)

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