Your morning roundup for March 18, the day the world braces for the biggest, brightest full moon in a while.

• Before he took the winning shot in the tournament's grandest upset-to-date, Morehead State's Demonte Harper had scored a scant eight points. Coach Donnie Tyndall gave him the rock anyway. Said Harper afterward, "As we broke the huddle, I told coach I would make it, I felt all along that I would ... and I did." [The Morehead News]


• During his report on San Diego State's first-ever tourney win, an ABC-affiliate sports director named Ben Higgins almost got smacked by an uncaring SUV. Dude didn't get ruffled, but seemed to think he was on the edge of death. Here's video. [] (H/T Jermaine O.)

• Tipster Andrew B. found it unnecessary for CBS to point out the difference in colors between BYU and Wofford, so he sent a screen grab, subject-lined "Stating the obvious?" []


• John Avello, the head of the sportsbook (and linesmaker) at Wynn Hotel and Casino in Vegas, talked some tourney the other day. He talked about the recession's impact on gambling and more. [CY Interview]

"Let's face it, you only have to pick one team against the other and if you do a fair amount of handicapping and you think you have a little bit of edge, you're gonna apply it over here at the sportsbook on a game and that's what's happened not just over the last couple of years, but for a long time going back. But what's happened over the last maybe 10 years or so is there's more information out there now for the gambler. Internet can supply him with newspapers from around the country and he has accessible information to players and other happenings of teams and events."

• The New York Post went with the understated headline of "Dead Storm" regarding St. John's "crushing 86-71 loss to Gonzaga." Senior Dwight Hardy of The Bronx said, "I mean, we're crying right now." Such devastation. Here's hoping Dwight is able to find some sense of normalcy in this cold, cruel world. [New York Post]

• ESPN college basketball analyst Doug Gottlieb forgot to turn his cell phone off before he went on national-cable TV to discuss his Final Four picks. [Yahoo Sports]

• Did a couple of football players (including a locked-out Viking) take to Craigslist's Casual Encounters seeking "a lil group sex. ... no fags and no games"? [The Lost Ogle]


• One of three Southern Miss football players shot outside Remington's Hunt Club in Hattiesburg is suing for $87 million. [Hattiesburg American]

• Running Rebel Michael "Spiderman" Burns's son "Spider" was arrested for allegedly killing his ex-girlfriend and either burying or burning her in the desert. [Review Journal]

• The New York Mets turned to an eighth-grade marketing class again to sell tickets, T-shirts, pride and souls. [Tixx Mets] (H/T Negativo)


• New York Knicks guard Toney Douglas hit nine three-pointers in last night's win over the Grizzlies. That ties a team record. [New York Daily News]

• Hunter Hillenmeyer, former player representative for the Chicago Bears, has committed himself to "Cutting Through the NFL Spin" for a TV station in Chicago. In his first story, he takes a shot at a writer. [NBC Chicago]

So David [Haugh of the Chicago Tribune], when you accuse the players of being led off a cliff by a cavalier leader, please get your facts straight. Our decision to decertify was a strategy of last resort, not a premeditated, high-risk game of chicken. I wish I could say the same for owners. But here we sit, LOCKED OUT.

• Meanwhile, back in San Diego, Chargers LB Kevin Burnett called Commissioner Roger Goodell "a blatant liar." [ESPN]


• Surfer Sion Milosky died while surfing big-wave break Mavericks in California on Wednesday. He's survived by a wife and two daughters. RIP. [San Francisco Chronicle]

• Liverpool and Manchester City were eliminated from the UEFA Europa League yesterday. Think NIT, but for European soccer. [Guardian]

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