This weekend, Keller High School defeated Arlington Martin 9-3 in the Texas State Championship. The game was a blow-out, and it didn't really get interesting until it ended in three separate fights on the ice, one of which resulted in a broken jaw and a grade three concussion.

I grew up in Dallas, and to generalize for you, yes, this is exactly how the parents of North Texan high school athletes act. They are loving every second of this. Really, all they want to see is their kid win a post-game fight. After each hit, the stadium erupts in cheers. One woman yells "game over!" and another suggests "get 'em!" It's only a few minutes after the first attempted ice murder that it even registers that somebody's child is passed out on the ice and maybe the adults should, you know, stop this. At that point (:25) a parent goes out on the ice to help and immediately falls on his ass — much to the delight of this supportive crowd.


Police were called to the scene, a kid is getting his jaw wired shot on Thursday, and — since all players involved were seniors — the team coaches may receive suspensions after an April hearing. All for a 9-3 decision.

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