We get tips. Lots of tips. And, don't get me wrong, they're the backbone of this site. But sometimes these tips reveal personal details about our readers. Like flicky Robert, who shared his feelings about Zuzana, this intimidatingly vascular woman in the pink tanktop.

I know this is not really a tip but this chick really needs to become famous. She has the absolute best body I've ever seen. This is just one of like a zillion videos that she has on youtube. And yes I have beat off to almost every one of them.

[See below]

Good Lord. It's mesmerizing. I'm moving to Czechoslavkia immediately.

Robert H.

I assume he meant to send this to Drew. Instead he sent it to the general account so we'll try to help Robert out in his quest to clue in the rest of the internet about his masturbation fantasies and make this woman even more famous than the millions of people who already appear to be body-rocking and/or beating-off to her home fitness routines.

We're all Robert H. Solidarity.


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