Miami was in Cleveland tonight, taking on the Cavaliers, Zydrunas Ilgauskas' former team.

Oh, apparently LeBron James used to play for the Cavs, too. That fellow on our left seems to be comparing him to some female anatomy. Perhaps the Clevelanders do not care for Mr. James.

And Floyd "Pretty Boy" Mayweather, not so shockingly, was in Las Vegas tonight, where he tried to teach the nation an unintended lesson about its horrific income stratification.

"I'm the only man in America who bet $50,000 on the Cleveland Cavaliers," Mayweather tweeted, attaching this photo of his bet slip.


What temerity from Mayweather, taking the Cavs +12.5, when they were already up 11 at the half. [EDIT: The bet is for the second half score, not the final score, so, yeah.] This is the stuff that makes Larry Merchant cream his Canali slacks.

Nonetheless, Cleveland won by 12, 102-90, and the beleaguered Clevelanders now can distill their wretched season into one magical game, when Ryan Hollins was +33, Chris Bosh was -24, and Floyd Mayweather rained good cheer—if not singles—on the people of Cuyahoga County.

Cavaliers get their revenge on Miami Heat [Miami Herald]