Your morning roundup for March 30, the day Peter Venkman signed on to play FDR.

• Former Giants trainer Stan Conte and both Giambi brothers testified at Barry Bonds' trial yesterday. I'd tell you what they said, but then Randy Velarde would have to kill you.


• The Bruins' Shawn Thornton needed 40 stitches after Fernando Pisani's skate blade cut him in the face, and the Blackhawks teased him about it. But Boston won 3-0, and got the last laugh—Chicago's only three points ahead of Dallas (who has a game at hand) for the final playoff spot in the West.

Only 11 students showed up to a rally to support Purdue coach Matt Painter, who is entertaining a job offer from Missouri. Maybe if you had told them Curtis Painter would also be there, a few more people would have shown up? Indiana's a hard place to understand.


• Madness XX: In some sport that is not men's basketball, UConn beat Duke to a pulp, 75-40. The Huskies are close to winning their third straight national championship, led by Maya Moore, who scored her 3,000th point (she had 28, 10 rebounds, and 7 steals) AND became only the second four-time All-American in history. If she were a man, she'd, uh, be a crummier version of Shabazz Napier, probably.

• Meanwhile, Brittney Griner and the Baylor Lady Bears fell at the hands of Texas A&M, 58-46. A&M had lost eight straight against Baylor! So your other Final Four is set: A&M will play Stanford, and UConn will play Notre Dame. With any luck, we'll see the Stanford-UConn rematch four of you were hoping for.

• Cowboys WR Dez Bryant has racked up about $800k in jewelry debts. At least Antonio Cromartie's unaffordable follies will provide him lifelong joy. What's Dez going to do with his "FUCK U JON KITNA" medallion during the lockout?

• Mets left fielder Jason Bay will likely start the season on the DL with a strained ribcage. Guess this means a month of Willie Harris in left, with Carlos Beltran and his un-knees in right. A false spring indeed. is available for purchase.

• The Fiesta Bowl fired its president and two other executives resigned after a report indicated that bowl employees spent thousands on birthday parties, backdoor political contributions, and strippers. Brent Musburger notes that resigned boss John Junker might have to pay back a lot of Tostitos.

• Although the United States lost 1-0 in a friendly against Paraguay, young back Timmy Chandler played well enough that the Steve Cherundolo era might soon come to a merciful end.


• Meanwhile, the Flyers beat the Penguins, 5-2, and further entrenched themselves atop the Eastern Conference, despite a recent cold streak. Alex Kovalev, who is inexplicably still playing, had a goal for the Penguins in the loss.

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