An ex-NBA ref named Rashan S. Michel lingered in Philips Arena after the Hawks-Magic game last night with the express purpose of demanding about $12,500 from Hall of Famer and Hawks analyst Dominique Wilkins. As seen in the TMZ-branded video above, Michel confronted Wilkins, shoved him, punched a security guard, and judging from his mug shot, still got the worst of the damage:

The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports that Michel was the youngest NBA ref when he joined the ranks in 1997 at age 23, and he worked for some time in college and professional games. In 2001, he opened his own custom clothing company, and he alleges that Wilkins took unfair advantage of his shop over the years.


Michel spent part of the night at the Fulton County Jail and was released on bond this morning. With his new-found freedom he tweeted, "I call what happened at Philips Arena earlier, Operation time have my money!" He then tweeted at Wilkins's account, which hasn't been updated since September of 2009, "Watch ur back cuz!" and "pay your debts, poser." SB Nation reports that this arena fight turned one-sided Twitter beef will end in another great American tradition: yep, Michel plans to sue both Wilkins and the Hawks.

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