Peter Nash, resident baseball historian and former 3rd Bass prime minister, has pulled together some Opening Day memorabilia porn for your viewing pleasure. Like this 1886 Opening Day photo from Boston featuring Old Hoss Radbourn (top left) expressing joy about having his picture taken. Dive in.

Yankee Stadium, Opening Day, 1923

Washington D.C., Griffith Park, 1940

Polo Grounds, Opening Day invitation, 1891

Detroit, Bennett Park, 1911

Yankee Stadium, 1929, Opening Day ticket

Chicago Feds, 1914, Opening Day pennant

Ebbets Field, 1941, Opening Day ticket

Yankee Stadium, 1923, Opening Day program

Fenway Park, 1934, Opening Day program and ticket stub

Yankee Stadium, 1934

Navin Field, Detroit, 1912

Navin Field, Detroit, 1912

St. Louis, 1887, Opening Day silk

Ebbets Field, 1947, Jackie Robinson's first game

Spalding Baseball Guide, 1894

Boston, South End Grounds, 1888

New Yorks [sic] vs. Boston, 1886, box score

New York, 1871, box score from New York Clipper

Boston, 1906

Ad from Sporting Life, 1888 Philadelphia Opening

Boston, 1907, Opening Day invite

Boston, 1904