It is news to us that there was once an MTV series called Nitro Circus, which involved x-treme athlete Travis Pastrana and his friends nearly killing themselves in the name of x-tremity. But it turns out there was, and that some of them still do near-death things in the name of non-nationally-broadcast x-tremity. At an event in Australia this week, one of its alums (and a former Maryland football player), "Special" Greg Powell, did something that had never been done before: he landed a "special flip" in Gosford, Australia. Powell's trick involves taking off of a jump on a BMX bike, letting go of the bike mid-flight, flipping over it, and landing on the bike while also attempting to land upright on the ground with a brain still intact. Powell did it. The fake cheering fans and the Australian announcer would like to inform you that you have just witnessed history.

Via Bob's Blitz.