Here's your daily link to Dave McKenna's brilliant "Cranky Redskins Fan's Guide to Dan Snyder," which we'll be posting until Snyder's dumbass libel suit is smashed to bits to the point that all the pieces of Vero, Pulparindo, Pelon Pelo Rico, Duvalin and Canel's fall to the ground.

Today's topic: Last night's Snyder piñata bashing. Video and pics courtesy of recently-starred commenter Cyrus_The_Virus, who attended said fiesta at Madam Organ's Blue Bar. The event itself got some coverage down in D.C. Here's what C_t_V had to say:

I knocked the shit out of it ($5 for 3 hits!). I also stole part of the actual piñata. I knocked off a good part of the face. Have a hall of shame?

The event started off really slow but definitely built into a great crowd by the later hours. The cover charge went straight to the legal fund, so it's probably the first time I've ever been ok with paying one.

There were two cakes with Snyder in the buff, but the atmosphere is like a true New Orleans kind of bar- dark, eclectic and loud- so the phone wouldn't work in such low light.

Piñata itself was right out front of the bar, so it drew a big crowd.

First thing to go were the legs- huge dude took a monster hack at it and cut it in half at the torso. Legs went flying. A couple other people stepped up- at $5 for 3 swings, how could you not? I nailed it on the head and tore it a bit. After a few more people went, one of the bouncers went to town and hit it about 6 times in a row. Eventually, it exploded, releasing hundreds of chocolate coins (and a few plastic ones) and glow sticks.

One guy took it pretty personally- before each hit, he said something he hated about going to games- namely the costs. 'This is for $9 chicken tenders! And this is for $12 beers! And this is for...'

For City Paper to make a piñata out of real-time Snyder's ego, they need your assistance. Be as cool as the folks at Madam's Organ and make a donation to the weekly's legal defense fund.