Well, this is kind of silly. Mike Leake, he who brought you so much delight in the first half of your NL-only fantasy league last year, with his mediocre stuff and good luck, was booked today by the Cincinnati police on misdemeanor theft charges.

He attempted to boost $59.88 worth of Macy's things, although we don't know what they were. Any of the I-Teamers know what Mike Leake wanted? Number-crunching time?

USA Today cleverly directs us to an interview with Leake last year:

"I hope I never become a guy that plays the game for the money. I play the game because I love it.

He's supposed to make $425,000 this year.

UPDATE: The Cincinnati Enquirer says Leake's target was six American Rag t-shirts. American Rag. What a punk.

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