In an international youth hockey match in Podolsk, Russia on Saturday, a drunk fan jumped the Plexiglas and got involved in a hockey brawl. The guy gets a few decent punches in before the referee escorts him off the ice to a standing ovation from the stands.

From what we learned from Deadspin's official Russian translator, this fight broke out in the middle of the third period in a game between a Russian national team and a Canadian team from British Columbia. In the articles we pulled, the teams are continually referred to as "youth" teams — so to translate it further, this is a fully grown man jumping into a brawl with a bunch of teenagers. How sweet.


There were no serious injuries, and the Canadians went on to beat the Russians, 5-3. As for the drunken fan, we'll leave it to the first comment on the YouTube page for the original video: "Тупое быдло!!" is roughly translated as "Dumb Redneck."

Video via Cosby Sweaters.