After reading our post about Jack Edwards's deliciously biased Bruins coverage, reader Kenn sent us this excellent clip from a junior hockey league in Texas. In it, the announcer completely loses his shit, tries to calm himself down, and then loses his shit all over again. It sounds like he's covering a particularly grisly mission in Vietnam rather than a probably irrelevant junior league hockey game.

We asked for the back story on this clip, and Kenn wrote in an e-mail:

A hockey broadcaster buddy of mine has told me it's Marc Foster, currently
a writer for Hockey Prospectus. Apparently this was several years ago when
he was working for something called the Lone Star Cavalry of the North
American Hockey League (a junior league). Had to be 2003-2004, that was their only year in existence.

Well done, Marc Foster. It's mind-boggling this franchise didn't last longer than a year with this kind of backing. For other ridiculous homer calls, check out Kenn's blog.


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