Mag columnist LZ Granderson joined CNN last week, apparently writing a weekly column in addition to his ESPN gig. Why would Granderson need another online platform, one might wonder, especially since his Page 2 pieces often tackle stuff other columnists won't?

We now might have an answer, because LZ Granderson is dropping truth bombs! Look out!

Last week brought us "Don't let ignorant people vote." Whoa!

Should ignorant people be allowed to vote?

A provocative question for sure; however, I'm not bringing it up for shock value, but rather to give us all pause.

If I were to ask you to ingest an unknown medicine from someone who knew nothing about the medical field, you probably wouldn't do it. And I doubt many of us would feel comfortable as a shareholder in a company that asked people who knew nothing about business to hire its next CEO?

He's not bringing it up for shock value, but how can you not be shocked? Wouldn't "too ignorant to vote" describe most SEC teams and most of their fans?


Then, today, Granderson carpet-truth-bombed: "Parents, don't dress your girls like tramps."

I guess I've been out-of-the-loop and didn't realize there's been an ongoing stampede of 10-year-old girls driving to the mall with their tiny fists full of cash demanding sexier apparel.
What's that you say? Ten-year-olds can't drive? They don't have money, either? Well, how else are they getting ahold of these push-up bras and whore-friendly panties?
Their parents? Noooo, couldn't be.

Please, LZ, don't hurt 'em! You've just racked up half the country in two weeks.

In all seriousness, though, we wonder how cool the Worldwide Leader is with this. They're mortified at the thought of any personality associated with a political candidate. Yet Sir Charles LZ Granderson is Anna Quindlen on his off hours? Somehow, yeah, this might not end well.

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