Your morning roundup for April 22, the day America went to its room and listened to Smiths records.

• The Bruins beat the Canadiens in overtime last night and evened their series. Boston's Andrew Ference scored in the second period and celebrated in the manner you see above, which Ference says is not what you think:

"It looks awful; I just saw it," he said of the replay. "I can assure you that's not part of my repertoire. I think my glove got caught up. I can assure you that's not part of who I am or what I ever have been. It looks awful. I admit it and I completely apologize to how it looks. I was putting my fist in the air. I'm sorry. It does look awful. I don't know what else to say."

For what it's worth, NHL just hit Ference with a $2,500 fine.

• At some point soon, the Bulls will wake up and see on TV that the playoffs has started. Maybe then they'll stop making Tyler Hansbrough look like John Havlicek, and maybe then Derrick Rose won't have to do stuff like this to get a W:

• The Blazers got 16 points on 6-of-10 shooting out of what's left of Brandon Roy. The Roy saga is almost unbearably sad, and what's sadder still is that his career has disintegrated pretty much behind our backs. If he'd had the good fortune of playing in, say, New York, the press here would've turned this past season into the Lincoln funeral procession.


• FanGraphs' David Cameron doesn't think the Dodgers are screwed, and meanwhile Jonah Keri lights a candle for the Selig-run Expos.

• The Brewers locked up Ryan Braun through his age-36 season, which is one of those silly gestures intended to demonstrate to fans that the Brewers are serious about contending but which will probably prevent them from doing just that.

• Mike Leake cut the tags off the Diamondbacks and shoplifted a victory yesterday. Brandon Phillips made a funny afterward.

The New York Times mistakes Bud Selig for Cincinnatus.

• I think the fact of Barack Obama's birth in Hawaii is sufficiently well-established here on planet Earth that we don't need to attribute it to "some bloggers."


• Nate Silver explains what last week's poker indictments mean for the future of the game.

• Clarification: Amani Toomer does not actually think Roger Goodell is like the Nazi secret police.

• Anyone want to catch the taping of Colin Cowherd's probably awful new show? It's Tuesday. Order tickets here (and let us know if you do).

• If I link here on Deadspin to a website commenting on the comments on Deadspin, do we fall into the same quantum singularity that the Bleacher Report opened up last week? Let's see what happens. Go here.

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