Your morning roundup for April 25, the day that we were just five days away from ceasing to hear about wedding plans for people none of us know.

• Tipster Jonathan said he found this scene outside of the Garden. We're not sure whether or not it's staged or photoshopped, but we do find it to be a wonderful encapsulation of Knicks fans fatalism. The Celtics swept the Knicks, who now must take on the task of developing a "team concept" in the off-season. Mike D'Antoni told reporters that with "[James Dolan] and Carmelo going forward, the Knicks are in good shape," and everyone raised a collective speculative eyebrow that he did not include himself in that evaluation.


• Elsewhere, the presumed mighty are falling. Chris Paul had 27 points, 15 assists and 13 rebounds and the Hornets held Kobe Bryant scoreless in the first half of their 93-88 victory in Game 4. Paul and Bryant got physical down the stretch, and CP3 told TNT after the game that he didn't care "if my momma was on the court, I'd hit her too."

• The Hawks beat the Magic, 88-85, and lead the series 3-1, and the Sixers avoided a four-game sweep by knocking off the Heat, 86-82.


• In ice-stick news, the Flyers forced a Game 7 with the Sabres, and the Predators "might have turned Music City into Hockeytonk." And there's more! The Chicago Blackhawks forced a Tuesday night Game 7 against the Canucks when — notably — 22-year-old Ben Smith scored an overtime goal. The Hawks were down 3-0 in this series a week ago before storming back to tie things up. Pat Foley has the call here. Sad Luongo was sad.

• NBA TV's Steve Smith gets an unnatural kick out of the term "LeBrick."

• The Red Sox are two wins one win! away from .500. Previously demoralized Boston fans are now pretty sure that this is our year.

• Tim Lincecum and other MLB players spoke up about Bud Selig's plan to expand the field for the playoffs. He has a feeling it has something to do with money.

• When Tim Tebow says that he "truly believes" something will happen, we tend to believe him, because — well, you know.

• This is what it looks like to ski into an avalanche cliff jump, brahs.

• Goodbye, Josh Elliott. We'll miss having a reason to harass you on G-chat.

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