Your morning roundup for April 29, the day "special cookies" in zip-lock freezer bags got real.

• Staking their future on confidence that the No. 1 pick in the NFL draft "will overcome questions about his character and work ethic to become the first franchise quarterback in team history," the Carolina Panthers entrusted Cam Newton to help improve the league's worst offense. Good luck with that. [Charlotte Observer] [FoxSports video] [NFL]


• University of Washington QB Jake Locker was selected eighth by the Tennessee Titans, a franchise that posted two armed off-duty police officers in uniform at the only open side gate to the team's practice facility earlier in the day. Godspeed, Jake. [KSMV]

• In other news, the NFL is open for business today. Sort of. [New York Post]

• The Atlanta Hawks ended the Orlando Magic's season with a three-point Game 6 win last evening; J.J. Redick had a chance to tie the game with 3.9 seconds left, but failed to do so [Orlando Sentinel]. The Lakers closed out the Hornets with an 18-point Game 6 road win [LA Times]. The Mavericks won, too, if you're into that kind of thing [Oregonian].


• Vancouver goalkeeper Roberto Luongo faced 20 shots against the Nashville Predators last night. He didn't let any in. Final score: 1-0 [Vancouver Sun]. There are two games tonight: Tampa at Washington and Detroit at San Jose.

• Sixteen-year-old Kabiru Adewunmi was a rising soccer star who earned a spot in a youth league run by the Chicago Fire of the MLS. He was shot and killed while walking to a convenience store with friends celebrating the Bulls playoff win Tuesday night. [Chicago Tribune]

"There (were) numerous emails from Division I colleges asking about his situation and saying they would like to recruit him and for him to be part of their programs," said Sole Antonijevic, who coached the teen's 17-and-under team at the Chicago Fire Academy. "It doesn't happen very often that you have 10 or 15 Division I schools calling me and asking for that information."

• Ben Zobrist was responsible for a team record 8 RBI in Tampa's 15-3 win over the Twins in the first game of a day-night doubleheader. With the nightcap, he had 10 RBI on the day. That's three shy of the MLB record. [MLB]

• The Cleveland Indians won their 10th consecutive home game. Granted, it was against Kansas City, but still. [Plain Dealer]

• Here's video of Atlanta Braves pitcher Derek Lowe leaving the jailhouse with a bail bondsman and a shiny new DUI charge [CBS Atlanta].

• Major League Baseball heroically decided to investigate Chicago White Sox Manager Ozzie Guillen's post-ejection Tweets from Wednesday night. [USA Today]


• Former Marlin/Met/Astro/Red Sock/Ranger/White Sock/Expo/White Sock/Mariner Carl Everett is free on bail. Hide his kids. Hide his wife who, after he allegedly pointed a gun at her head, asked the judge to set him free. [Tampa Tribune]

• The Nude Olympics are scheduled for this weekend in Queensland, Australia. Events include tug of war, marathons, beach sprints, "best bum (butt)" competition, conga lines and egg throwing. Expect an open thread. [Herald Sun]

• If you've ever wondered why professional athletes sleep 12 hours a day, here's an infographic to help answer your questions. [FastCoDesign]

• UEFA opened a case to investigate Real Madrid coach Jose Mourniho's complaints about the world conspiring against him. It will be heard three days after his side loses El Clásico V [Guardian]. In unrelated news, Scotland Yard reached out to Wayne Rooney to let him know the News of the World may have hacked into his phone [Daily Mail].


• And in American soccer news, Brian Mullan of the Colorado Rapids got a 10-day suspension for breaking a foe's leg [Seattle Times].

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