No, this is not footage of a coup d'├ętat in Turkey, this is footage of the violence that broke out between soccer fans before the Bursaspor-Be┼čikta┼č game this past Saturday. The Turkish Football Federation had to cancel the game after angry fans rioted, injuring 25 policemen.

Bursa Police ultimately had to close streets in order to contain open fires, physical violence and rioting. World Soccer Reader provides this breakdown of the incident:

6:39pm: Hooligans were waiting at the Bursa Ataturk stadium for Be┼čikta┼č fans, and began clashing with police. Some fans threw rocks at the police.
6:55pm: Bursaspor fans broke store windows. Bystanders were injured in the process. Police had to call in ambulances.
6:57pm: Bursaspor fans start to assault security detail with rocks. Twenty-five policemen were injured.
6:59pm: Be┼čikta┼č fans who had gathered in the Orhangazi district of Bursa were not given permission to go to the match.
7:24pm: The Turkish Football Federation announces that the match had been canceled.

Apparently, all this violence broke out because Bursaspor fans would not permit Be┼čikta┼č fans to enter the stadium. Bursaspor fans maintain this is a revenge attack for the violence that broke out in Istanbul last year. Turkish soccer franchises have a long history of, shall we say, spirited rivalries. Elif Batuman explained the tortured nature of the Be┼čikta┼č fan base in a great (and, unfortunately, paywall'd) New Yorker profile this past March:

Each of the Istanbul teams [Galatasaray, Fenerbahce, and Be┼čikta┼č] has its own stereotype... Be┼čikta┼č is the underdog, the working-class team, known for the ardor of its fans. According to one study, the Turkish stock market goes up when Be┼čikta┼č wins a game ÔÇö a sign, economists theorize, of its supporters' fanaticism. The filmmaker Zeki Demirkubuz, who cites Dostoevsky as his greatest influence, calls Be┼čikta┼č "the most surreal team in the world." Fenerbahce and Galatasary "only care about winning," but Be┼čikta┼č is "essentially irrational, and therefore essentially human." The language of Be┼čikta┼č is characterized both by over-the-top profanity and by the poetry of longing and love ÔÇö mad, unrequited love, love that drives you to death. "It was a rainy day when I saw you," one Be┼čikta┼č lyric begins. "You were wearing striped uniforms."

Let's take a moment to be thankful the American economy does not hinge on whether the Buffalo Bills win or lose a game, and that we only have the most surreal athletes in the world.


As of now, the Turkish Football Federation hasn't reached a decision on the outcome of Saturday's game. The expected consequence for the prematch events will be a win by forfeit for Be┼čikta┼č.