Free agent-to-be Albert Pujols and Cubs GM Jim Hendry hugged yesterday and chatted amiably behind a batting cage. This is now, officially, a Thing. How did it become a Thing? Let's watch:

1. Pujols and Hendry embrace.

2. A reporter "scrambles" to capture the moment.

3. This is that reporter. He's a good one, too. His name is Paul Sullivan. He writes for the Chicago Tribune.

4. This is the moment he captures.

5. Whereupon the image is disseminated via his Twitter account ...

6. ... captioned "Negotiations underway at Wrigley."

7. Our reporter writes a story about the hug for the Chicago Tribune. "Speculation abounds," the headline informs.

8. This is a sentence that appears in the story. Who might those "some" be? We are not told.

9. Thus, speculation abounds as to who might have interpreted the hug in such a manner that it led to abounding speculation that there will be talk about Pujols becoming a Cub, possibly.

10. The end.