Earlier this week, Rampage Jackson, an "alpha male" who also competes as a professional mixed martial artist, stuck his face into the cleavage of a female reporter (who handled the intrusion better than many might have). When another female reporter complained, however,, the MMA community's alpha male chorus broke into a familiar oratorio: Jackson was faultless and any female reporter who dared take issue with him faux-motorboating another reporter on camera must be ugly, shrewish, or worse. The rhetorical nastiness was undoubtedly worse than what Jackson did. But let us not forget that Rampage has a long history of curious on-camera behavior. Often, he is genuinely funny. Sometimes, he is weird. And every now and then he is downright offensive. We begin with a video from the latter category, in which Rampage makes nice with people in Japan by offering them lessons in the American idiom.

As a coach on season 10 of Spike's The Ultimate Fighter, Jackson targeted Darrill Schoonover, the fattest, nerdiest member of the other team, for abuse. Throughout the show, he referred to the flabby Schoonover as "titties." Schoonover laughed it off for as long as he could. Until he couldn't.

Jackson humps a Japanese reporter.

Jackson displays empathy for the mentally handicapped.

Jackson raps about his love of alcohol in a Tokyo nightclub.

Jackson humps a reporter, who later talked to SI.com about the experience.

Jackson not like door, see door easily broken, destroy door in fit of lunatic rage.

Jackson goes shopping for a jock strap in Japan, where he pretends not to be able to find an appropriately sized cup and makes fun of a clerk's bad teeth as she gamely tries to help him.

Jackson shows his appreciation for foreign languages by saying the following in Vietnamese (according to commenters): "Fuck you, whitey. Suck my dick."

Jackson slaps a reporter in the nuts.

Jackson likens a reporter to a gay "beta" and contemplates strangling him.

Jackson almost motorboats a reporter.

Jackson simulates gay oral sex, slaps a random man, puts on a wig and humps a random man, rides a bike with training wheels while pretending to be retarded, and gives his albino son a wedgie before mock-kicking the boy in the face. All set to the "Rocky" theme song.