A lone wolf. An avenging angel. A force for good and justice in FIFA. Chuck Blazer, American hero.

Without the actions of Chuck Blazer, FIFA might be stuck with a corrupt liar as FIFA president instead of a corrupt liar.

It was Blazer who blew the whistle on Mohamed bin Hammam and Jack Warner handing out cash to Caribbean Football Union members, ostensibly in exchange for their votes for bin Hammam in the pending FIFA presidential election.

A law firm hired by Blazer pursued the allegations and presented them to FIFA, along with photographic evidence of bags of cash given to officials.

Before a FIFA ethics committee, Warner was suspended and bin Hammam provisionally banned. Sepp Blatter ran unopposed, gaining re-election.

After the scandal, acting CONCACAF President Lisle Austin, a Warner ally, attempted to fire Blazer from the executive committee. CONCACAF ruled that Austin did not have that authority, and suspended him after reinstating Blazer.

Today it was revealed that the soccer heads of 11 Caribbean nations filed an official letter of complaint against Blazer, in a matter supposedly unrelated to the bribery allegations. Blazer appeared before the FIFA ethics committee to defend himself.

The notoriously accessible Blazer has clammed up in recent weeks, refusing all requests for comment. So we're running these photos of him instead.