Serena Williams, the two-time defending Wimbledon ladies' champion, was knocked out of contention today with a 6-3, 7-6 loss to Marion Bartoli. Her post-match presser was in stark contrast to the post-match presser that followed her third-round win over Maria Kirilenko on Saturday. One is a happy, triumphant Serena, allowing the media its time to fawn, and one is a sad Serena, eager to get the hell out of the room with the circus tent wall hangings and away from anything resembling a microphone.

Happy Serena tells the tale of a ride on a pink beach cruiser gone hilariously wrong, and the inspiring journey to get back on the saddle — an anecdote that surely would have made for the perfect metaphor for the perfect AP article had Serena prevailed and taken the Wimbledon title once again. Instead, all sad Serena has is a scar on her shoulder. A scar that is, incidentally, the perfect metaphorical chip for her for when she returns to take the US Open in September. Ah, now we're back on track.

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