On Saturday, Trader Jack benched Twitter-happy outfielder Logan Morrison, who's hit .189 in June. McKeon said he would try "something different. Give 'Twitter' a rest." McKeon once thought "Twitter" was Morrison's dog. Now it's just a chiding nickname.

This after McKeon told Morrison on Friday, in the presence of a Miami Herald reporter, that he "need[ed] to start spending more time on baseball and less on that Twitter [stuff]."


And now Morrison—who took an oh-fer-two on Sunday after pinch-hitting and remaining in the game—has decided to cast his lot with social media, rather than with his manager. That is something new. He's changed his Twitter avatar to the "CENSORED" caricature on the left, casting himself as something of a silenced political prisoner rather than a chatty outfielder. And, today, we found from Morrison's tweets that he's sought asylum today at the one place that will truly accept him: the Twitter headquarters in San Francisco.

He wrote yesterday, "I will be visiting Twitter offices tomorrow! There's no place like home! There's no place like home!!" Good for LoMo, but, you know, if he doesn't start hitting, home might just become Triple-A New Orleans.

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