I've been dispatched by the other 90 percent of the Deadspin staff to share with you these photos of Charlie Davies, the starting striker for D.C. United who suffered bleeding in the brain, a ruptured bladder, a broken tibia, femur, and elbow, and multiple facial fractures in a car accident in October 2009. He's better now.

British photographer Chris Floyd shot Davies last fall for a filmed series called "How They Get Dressed," which documents how people get dressed. There's a video at Floyd's blog, as well as some more photos that are only really appropriate for work if you happen to work at Cosmo. But Capital Games, which directed us to the photos, proposes that "a naked Charlie Davies is a win for everyone" (the author did not then add, "am I right, ladies??" so I'm going to go ahead and take advantage of that fleeting opportunity now), so sure, have a look.


How They Get Dressed: Charlie Davies [Chris Floyd UK]
Charlie Davies Strips Down [Capital Games]