Meet Irina and Daysy. They very much would like to see Peru win the Copa America. So much so, in fact, that they intend to go sans ropas if Peru prevails. Making that proposition all the more enjoyable is how Google Translate, well, translates stories about the aforementioned potential nudity. To wit:

From the story "Irina y Daysy: 'Si la selección gana la Copa América nos calateamos'" ...

To raise the temperature a bit in the country 'gaucho' they are warming the continental tournament otherwise. Now swore that if 'bicolor' champion in the Copa America they read it well, put off from head to toe for all to enjoy.

"Todito, nothing. Calateas if we win the Cup Peru Peru as well put the little chest. Long live Peru Carajo "he said to Depor.


And, from the piece headlined "Habló Irina, la peruana más codiciada: 'estamos aquí con todo el calor por dentro'" ...

The heart-stopping brunette that was all swollen eyes loudly encouraged his team and said it "will be the champions of the Copa America."

"We were in the popular neighborhood because we are" those were the statements Irina Grandez, Peru's most sought by supporters of different swelling who was accompanied by her friend Daisy Araujo


In response, Cell-Phone Bosomed Paraguay Girl Larissa Riquelme Tweeted, "Clarifying a few things! Each one tries his best I encourage my country that is PARAGUAY ...!! And I wish luck to other girls!"

You say you want more video? Fine, here:

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