ESPN's Shelley Smith did some weird crowd-sourced journalism via Twitter late last night. She tweeted, "neefd rasheed walace to coll me et 310-251-2516. important nreedvrws." A short time later, she tweeted, "ooops . always love hearing from rasheed wallace.....but really need rasheedbhazzard .....310-251-2516." (Rasheed Wallace, you'll remember, is a retired former Piston and Blazer, while Rasheed Hazzard is—or was—a Laker assistant coach.)

And in between those tweets, some dude—a buddy of Brad from St. Louis Game Time, a Blues blog—called up Shelley Smith and pretended to be Rasheed Wallace. That call is presented above. Smith is, as you'd expect, a little skeptical that she's speaking to actual Rasheed Wallace, but, what the hell, she's a fan of his! She explains the story and it sounds like something worth pursuing, though perhaps not with Rasheed.

We don't know exactly how Smith was able to type so wildly on an iPad, but we assume it's all part of her New Journalism. As this might be, too.