Your p.m. roundup for July 15, the day we bombed on Good Day New York. Got any stories or photos for us? Tip your editors.

What we're watching (all times EDT): The series finale of Friday Night Lights, for one (8 p.m., NBC). The Texas high school football drama heads into the absolute end zone tonight, and fans everywhere are at once stoked and saddened by prospect. There's plenty of baseball to go around, too, with the MLB Network showing either Red Sox-Rays or Yankees-Blue Jays (7 p.m.). If it's women's basketball you want, NBATV is lockout free with a WNBA doubleheader: Connecticut-New York at 7, Washington-Phoenix at 10.

If you're in New York City, you might want to swing by Caroline's on Broadway, where Ron Artest and his pending name change will be performing a comedy routine. Our own Emma Carmichael is going, so either way you'll definitely want to check back next week for her report on all the hijinks.


For Artest's sake, here's hoping his act is a helluva lot better than the bit he tried this morning on the Good Day New York couch.

H/T to Eric for the video


The mystery that is Sunday's WWE event: "The outcome of the match is almost secondary. Someone may 'quit' or be 'fired,' and Punk might walk away from the WWE with the championship strap in hand. We'll all be tuning in for Cena-Punk, not necessarily to see what happens but to see if we knew how things were going to happen." [Grantland, Dead Wrestler of the Week Archive]

Tiger's ex has moved on: "Friends say Jamie is an accomplished emerging-markets veteran who has represented his father's interests in China for the past six years. In the mid-1990s, he specialized in Russian private equity funds. He also owned an Indy car-racing team sponsored by World Childhood Foundation, a charity founded by Queen Silvia of Sweden." [New York Post]

Do you see what we see?: Huh. Men look differently at images of women in bikinis than women do. [Business Insider]


Rediscovering the Muppets: "But while the visual design of Muppets may be duplicable, the characters are more than static designs. To my way of thinking, a Muppet is above all made of two things: the voice and the dance of the Muppeteer. It's very hard to copyright a dance, because it's a form not easily reduced to notation or video. It's tricky. A voice (and not the recording of the voice) is even more ephemeral. Both voice and dance need to feel alive in order to make us feel something; they can't be repetitions of a script or design. In a sense, they need to be constantly evolving." [The Awl]

Derek Jeter agreeing to be miked is so not Derek Jeter: "Maybe it wasn't as stunning as Jeter's 3,000th hit being a home run, but his not only agreeing to be wired, but also to allowing MLBP's cameras total access, is not in character for a guy who has played it close to the vest his entire career. It's still not really clear why he decided to go ahead with the project. There was some buzz about Jeter wanting someone to chronicle the road to 3,000 hits but only as a private project ultimately viewed by just family and friends." [New York Daily News]

So that dude who gave Jeter his ball back is a charity case: "On Wednesday, the 23-year-old from Highland Mills, N.Y., was guaranteed at least a $50,000 donation, given a 2009 World Series ring, and got an offer to have his taxes covered should the IRS not consider the items Lopez received Saturday gifts." [Wall Street Journal]

TV ratings for ASG down, Fox revenue up: "The SportsBusiness Daily, a sister publication of the Phoenix Business Journal, said financially, the game still was a success for Fox. Fox sold out its ad inventory at a 9 percent to 10 percent increase over last year's rates. In-game 30-second spots were going for as much as $575,000." [Phoenix Business Journal]

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