Per the Miami New Times, "Bang Bus porn star 'Ramon' — famous for his giant penis — was arrested last week for keeping a menagerie of suffering farm animals locked in a vehicle on a 90-degree day."

Last Monday afternoon, Miami Police responded to complaints of a "child crying" in a van parked in a lot at NW 37th Avenue and Seventh Street. Officers found a whole annoying Christmas song full of animals crammed into the van and deprived of water:

• eight roosters
• four guinea hens
• four pigeons
• four goats
• one duck

The goats were tied up in plastic bags, which sounds horrific, and one of them was dead.

As cops were investigating the scene, 46-year-old Raul Armenteros — better known to masturbators as Ramon, who has made a career out of having sex with women in the back of vans as they tool around Miami — and 44-year-old James Arroyo strolled up and said they owned the animals.

They were arrested on charges of animal cruelty and booked on $110,000 each.

You can see the arrest report here.

Free Ramon.