Last week, immediately upon witnessing the awesomeness of That Guy Who Photobombed Tiger Woods, we put out the call to see what you could do with him via photoshop. And you didn't disappoint.

(If you missed our contest call and feel you might still have something to contribute, send it along and I'll be sure to toss it in with the others.)

UPDATE: We've added three submissions that just recently came in.

Let's take a stroll, shall we?

That old Life headline pretty much says it all on this one for That Guy. Bravo, FreemanMcNeil. You win. E-mail us to claim your prize.

Ali's famous knockout of Sonny Liston now has a whole new enthusiasm to it, courtesy of Shut_Yer_Gob.

One of many submissions by past winner Polk Panther reveals That Guy's profound impact on women's soccer. Or something.

Not that any proof was needed, but That Guy just fits right in, doesn't he?

That Guy has only been a meme for a few days, yet Shut_Yer_Gob already has gotten him banned in Britain.

The first of many submissions placing That Guy in otherwise serious situations—in this case, with the Afghan Girl—comes to us via John Daly's Pants.

Cigar Guy was so 2010, and now he's officially been defeated, Bushido Fighters-style, thanks to TVs_Frank.

Fightignorance envisions That Guy making a statement about what might be, um, eating at Tiger's game these days.

Miraculously, That Guy survived what TedWilliamsHead did to him.

We're not sure if he made it after Adam put him in Whack-A-Mole, though.

Lighten up, you two. Via Dinosaur_Assassin, That Guy knows it's not that bad.

Great. HallsOfOates reminds us we'll never know for sure whether That Guy acted alone.

Something about That Guy's excitement made it only natural for him to two-fist his way through the weekend at a college party. With hoopsters. Can't forget the hoopsters. Fucking hoopsters.

There had to be a dong in here somewhere. And because of futurelegend, there are two of them.

Amazingly, more than one of you had the idea of putting That Guy into a scene in Punch Out, but we really like the way I Party With Smoot added his image and seemlessly pixilated him to fit right in.

Polk Panther was the other one with a similar, Punch Out-inspired concept.

We actually kind of like the way Shut_Yer_Gob brings Henri Cartier-Bresson full circle here.

Perhaps Shut_Yer_Gob is trying to make a statement here about contrasts. Yeah. In the absence of anything else to say about this, let's go with that.

Polk Panther wants us to ask: Who ya gonna call? Why, That Guy, naturally.

We weren't ready to say there was something revolutionary about That Guy, but, OK, Polk Panther.

Oh, the irony, Shut_Yer-Gob. That Guy is cheering on Tiger. From inside a tiger's cage. Clever.

Carl gave That Guy a simple enhancement.

Sean sees a potential showbiz career for That Guy.

Peter Nincompoop, ladies and gentlemen.