As you know, Oak Investment Partners is lavishing a large sum of money on Bleacher Report. But what is Oak Investment Partners? Who are these people? Why, they're only some of the hottest hotties venturing capital today. Let's have a look.

27. Scot Jarvis, venture partner

26. Rob Majteles, venture partner

25. Fred Harman, managing partner

24. Julie Cavaliere, investment professional

23. Ranjan Chak, venture partner

22. Diane McDonnell, investment professional

21. Bandel Carano, managing partner

20. Ed Glassmeyer, managing partner

19. Ted Schlissel, investment professional

18. Gene Lockhart, venture partner

17. Grace Ames, general partner

16. Tom Huseby, venture partner

15. Andrew Adams, general partner

14. Tony Downer, venture partner

13. Jerry Gallagher, general partner

12. Ann Lamont, managing partner

11. Craig Lang, investment professional

10. David Black, investment professional

9. Roy Rodrigues, venture partner

8. Ifty Ahmed, general partner

7. Patricia Kemp, investment professional

6. Brian Hinman, venture partner

5. Emmalyn Shaw, investment professional

4. Ren Riley, general partner

3. Kathy Roland, investment professional

2. Allan Kwan, venture partner

1. John Beletic, venture partner