Just because one part of the country is getting rainy and windy and floody and scaredy and buy-y milky and bready becausey of hypey — translation: chock full of hurricane dong — the other unintentional-dong submissions should not lose their inherent import.

Like this picture that Jacob sent in. It's a parking lot near the entrance of College Park's Comcast Center. Writes Jacob, "this has ALWAYS cracked me up when walking to Terps games, as I can't understand how some architect got this design through."

Douglas sent in a picture of his friend's dog. It pissed on his back deck, and it looked like a dong. The piss stain, not the pet. Pooch looks presentable enough. The picture is titled, "His dog posing w/ the masterpiece."

Tipster Dan found this one when he was searching for "some young talent at shortstop" in MLB '05. "The talent I selected," he writes, "came in the form of the EA Sports randomly generated 18-year old phenom, Todd Dong."

While shopping for whippets at Party City, Paul noticed this bit of peculiarity about which he noted, "Nothing says, 'It's A Girl!' like having the stork standing on its John Holmes-like inflatable peen to welcome your adorable new bundle of joy into the world."

Bryan noticed this bike rack outside a sporting goods store in Seattle.

Writes Thomas R. of Itasca, Ill., "here's an overhead shot of our softball field. It's right next to Medinah Country Club so maybe we'll get an unintentional blimp shot of it during the Ryder Cup next year."

One can only hope.

Levi was just mean-spirited in sending this picture, but there's an argument to be made that he has a point, what with the pass hanging low around the neck between a pair of blue things. Besides, censorship is bad.