It's August 26, the day we keep hearing something about a hurricane that's apparently headed for New York City. Photo courtesy Trey, via @sportsfeeder1. Got any stories or photos for us? Tip your editors.

Here we go with the new WUD, Take II, though I'm not going to serenade you quite like A.J. did in this spot yesterday morning, enjoyable though that was.

So Derek Jeter timed his break-up with Minka Kelly to coincide with the hurricane and with the Yankees hitting three grand slams in one day. Or was it Derek Jeter who hit three grand slams in the middle of a hurricane while Minka Kelly attended a Yankee game in the nude? Help me out. All I know is everybody's freaking out, and it's all so confusing.

What You'll Read Today on Deadspin

• The second and final installment of Drew's Hater's Guide To Fantasy Football, which covers the NFC, is coming your way later this morning. The AFC edition, posted yesterday, can be found here.

• Our intern, David Roher, is heading back to college. But not before we post his mathematical analysis of the cost of hookers, which he probably ought to expand into a larger essay called "What I Did At Deadspin This Summer."


• Craggs made his way into ESPN's State of the Union meeting yesterday, at least until he was discovered and asked to leave the premises. But he lived to tell about it, and you don't want to miss his full report.

• The latest edition of Drunken Hookup Failure.

• We're gonna have some more fun with ESPN's White-Black-White Michael Vick, too. Just 'cause.

Good morning. It's Friday, and it's the calm before the storm. Stay awhile.