You'd have been forgiven if you didn't think the land that gave us Roger Federer and Toblerone white chocolate was capable of bottle-throwing, stick-swinging, flare-wielding, mace-throwing, cop-scaring hooliganism.

But as this video from outside a May match between FC Z√ľrich and FC Basel at Letzigrund Stadium, and recently released from the Z√ľrich PD, proves, you'd have been wrong.

Marco Cortesi, spokesman for the Z√ľrich police, commented on the violent images on the Swiss television programme "Rundschau".

"Had we intervened outside [the stadium area], the situation could have escalated and triggered unimaginable street fights," he said.

About 10 people were injured in the riots and the cost of the damage was almost 200,000 francs ($250,000), according to Blick newspaper.

Police release shocking hooligan videos [The Local] (H/T Tomuban)